Fairytale Family session

€ 250

This session is all about you and your loved ones. Would you like to capture special moments, ordinary life or you and your new born baby? My strength lies in making contact with your children, by seeing them as tiny humans, taking them seriously; seeing them as they are.


⟶ 15 – 20 photos in High Res sent by wetransfer

⟶ 2 hours at any location you like; the forest, on a playground, at home or a place that is special to you and your family

⟶ Newborn shoots are best at home. i will contact you about the necessary arrangements that have to be made

⟶ If wanted you can buy more pictures afterwards 

Portrait session

€ 250

This session is focused on you and only you. Do you fear the camera? Do you always think you could look better in a picture? My strength lies in making you feel comfortable, seen, heard and to empower you in front of the camera. Shine while being you or present your business / entrepreneurship in a new professional way the way that I tell your story.

⟶ 10 photos in High Res fully edited sent by wetransfer *portait pictures take a longer time to edit.

⟶ 2 hours at any location you like; the forest, at home or a place that is special to you.

⟶ If wanted you can buy more pictures afterwards. 

Product Photography

Price on request. Depending on products, amount and studio or no studio work. 

Product photography can be a big challenge, do you feel your story is not told in the right way? I feel you. Storytelling is very important for sharing your style, mission and the message you have for your customers. My work is mostly intuitive and we can consult on the style of photography. I have a small studio at home with accessories that can contribute to the story. 


⟶ All pictures are sent by wetransfer

⟶ If wanted, you can buyn more pictures afterwards 

Branding & Storytelling

€ 350 (half day) / € 700 (full day)

Branding to me is not about terms and numbers. It’s a story, influenced by how and why it is told. I mostly work intuitive.

I can guide you into your personal brand. i travel, i photograph, i feel. inspired by who is listening and why this has to be told. the most important key, my core value is freedom.

BRANDING is about trust.
Do you visualise that dream?
Why do you have that goal?
Do you feel what it is like when reached?
Can you see that happen?
How do you feel when that happens?
Are you true to yourself

And when it happens; it feels so good.

⟶ 30-40 photos in High Res fully edited, all pictures are sent by wetransfer.

⟶ 2 hours at any location, advice is possible.

⟶ If needed advice will be given on how to tell your story better.

⟶ If wanted more pictures can be bought.

Production & Editorial

Price on request. Do you have the need to present your business in a different way? I focus mostly on sustainable brands and feel challenged to tell your story in a new way.

I believe storytelling is the way to go and since I am very sensitive I feel a deep connection to the way things are perceived. I graduated as a stylist and have a lot of experience in complete productions.

I will arrange everything for you including the entire team (photography or video) models, location, lunch etc. If you want me to give advice on the concept I am more than happy to!