Mazunte in photos | Mexico

“And it is significant that a country as sorrowful as ours should have so many and such joyous fiestas. Their frequency, their brilliance and excitement, the enthusiasm with which we take part, all suggest that without them we would explode.”
― Octavio Paz

There are those places that you hold close to your heart, you keep them alive and they store deep and significant memories. Mazunte is a place like that for me. Look at her cliffs, her ocean, her wilderness… The people I’ve met, the untold stories in my heart and oh those wonderfull days of freedom.

While visiting Mazunte I worked at Hridaya Mexico for a while, sat a few meditation retreats and worked in marketing for a change. When you visit Mexico, make sure you stop by in Mazunte; a hip and coastal town with a free spirit vibe.

If you are interested in the same tantra course, or yoga or meditation visit:

Arja Hendrikx

Hridaya Yoga | 2018 | Mazunte Mexico

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Mazunte in photos | Mexico